This Quicktime demo gives a basic introduction to IVANHOE: how to log in and how to play.

Once logged into IVANHOE you will be taken to the Games page where you can either play an existing game or create a new game. In either case a digital certificate will appear which you should click Trust, at which point the gamespace will be launched.


IVANHOE Demo Files
lesson objective
1. Creating a Role 581 kb
2.a. Welcome to a Game 637 kb
2.b. Gamespace Overview 919 kb
3.a. Menu Icons in Brief 899 kb
3.b. Marble Tray Functionality 986 kb
3.c.* Point of View Synchronization 1451 kb
3.d. Timeline 1738 kb
4.a. Role Color Customization 824 kb
4.b. Role Journal 607 kb
4.c. Making a Move 1170 kb
4.d. Publishing a Move 1439 kb
4.e. Changes after Publishing a Move 1013 kb
4.f. A New Player Appears 717 kb
4.g. Other Basic Moves 920 kb
4.g.1. Adding a Link 2291 kb
4.g.2. Adding a Comment 668 kb
5.a. Visualization and Roles 1108 kb
5.b. Documents in Discourse Field 967 kb
5.c. Arcs Mark Lines of Influence 1480 kb
5.d. Reading the Log Basics 1074 kb
5.e. Reading the Log Details 839 kb
5.f. Reading Document Details 2141 kb